LEAF & GKS Packaging on Biofach

On the Biofach 2020, GKS Packaging introduces LEAF, a new packaging machine for use with paper. LEAF is the first vertical form fill and seal machine purely designed to achieve the best results in producing paper bags out of material which is 100% recyclable and 100% compostable.

According to Ivo Geukes, owner of GKS Packaging. “We saw the need to develop a dedicated machine”. We did not just modify any existing machine to achieve “acceptable” results out of compromises. Instead we have developed a dedicated machine to guarantee the best results with paper. 

Paper bag LEAF GKS Packaging

The GKS design team did a fantastic job rethinking the machine basics, for a brief moment forgetting that plastic even exists. With this mindset we achieved maximum performance on all machine functions. Resulting in perfect high-pressure sealing, consistent paper transport, perfect forming and folding of the bag.

LEAF is simply designed from scratch just to do what it needs to do, produce perfect bags with paper only, without compromises. Not only is the machine especially designed for paper, also the CO2 footprint and the environment was taken into account. The film roll frame is completely constructed out of recycled ocean plastic, thus helping to reduce plastic waste. The complete machine is build out of recyclable materials.

LEAF runs with all paper materials coated with minimum sealcoating on the sealing area. It can also handle paper mesh which can be in-line inserted and sealed.

The perfect seal and bag, with a relative thick paper, is assured by a special designed former set in combination with extreme high sealing force. LEAF is also the first vffs-machine that has iPad interfaces on both sides of the machine, providing easy access and worldwide availability against low costs. LEAF has an open modular design with most common and desired options already standard on the machine. For example: carrying holes, block bottom, inserting mesh material, splice table for fast paper roll change and automatic paper tracking.

Join GKS in a sustainable and environmental friendly world and come see LEAF in action on the Schomaker booth (Hall 9, 9-579).