Product overview

Our offering covers several series of standardized packaging machines, weighers, conveyors and additional items that can be used individually or merged into complete integrated solutions. Engineering, production, assembly and testing takes place in our factory in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

As an innovative designer and builder, we have all the knowledge and technological skill we need under one roof. This means we can offer advice and surpass all of your expectations when it comes to finding and implementing components or complete systems. We guarantee short lead times, fast implementation and a complete offering of services – anywhere in the world.

From the first appointment to installation, we take away your worries. During the sales process, our technically trained salespeople guide you through our offering and the ordering process. After receiving an order, our project manager will guide and inform you through the production stage, whilst the sales team remains involved.

When all machines are ready, we can perform a FAT and/or SAT to ensure the safety, quality, functionality and compliance of our machines and components. Our acceptance testing services ensure your equipment or plant performs as expected under a complete range of conditions and helps avoid downtime.


Every step tailored to customer wishes

The entire line can be tailored to customer wishes, taking into account available space, production process flow, and optional connections to existing systems.

Where the production line ends, for example, we can add a conveyor belt that brings the product to the weigher or other dosing unit. After this, portions can go to a vertical form and filling machine. Depending on requirements, printed labels, 'Best before' dates and/or barcodes can be added. After this step, the final package can be transported by conveyor belt, passing through metal detection, weight check and buffer/turntable. SHOW ME >


The ultimate in modular flexibility, efficiency and ease of use

GKS delivers customized packaging machines as well as complete packaging lines. Components and systems are designed and built in-house, so that we can provide quality customer-specific solutions – without introducing unnecessary cost and complexity. Our stainless steel machines are designed for real-life industrial environments. They match a small footprint to minimal height and are hygienic as well as easy to clean.

GKS machines work with a wide variety of weighing and dosing systems, and are also suitable for manual filling. Need to introduce a new machine or add capacity or functionality to an existing packaging line? You'll be up and running before you know it. | SEE OUR RANGE >


Complete accuracy and simplicity

We offer ergonomic solutions for high-accuracy, high-speed weighing applications. Not only are these perfectly integrated with our own machines, but easy to add to existing systems. Whatever you need to package - food or non-food, light and fragile or heavy and solid - we make sure it's weighed reliably, accurately and safely. | DISCOVER MORE >


All the functionality you need on one platform

No two jobs are the same, so no two packaging lines are the same. Next to our broad range of standardized machines, we offer additional equipment that allows you to take on any task. No matter how complex the job, we help you by creating, implementing and servicing a fully integrated solution that simply works. | VIEW MORE >


Bespoke solutions without the complexity

Our engineers, designers and builders are all hand-picked for their technical skill, capacity for listening and creativity. There's nothing they enjoy more than a challenge. Whatever your non-standard requirement, we have everything in house to provide a solution that will work out of the box. | MORE INFO >


Same quality, reduced cost

Our designs are built to last. What's more, their functionality can be easily adapted. When customers make changes to their production lines, we are happy to take back machines and service them, so they're as good as new. Let us know what you're looking for and we may have the right refurbished products in stock – fully tested, of course, with all the appropriate warranties and services included. | CHECK OUT NOW >

We're always happy to advise you or help you find the most efficient and affordable solution to your packaging challenges. Get in touch today - without obligations - to ask any questions you may have!