Our philosophy revolves around simplicity. Why make things more complicated than they need to be? By focusing on the basics and rethinking and redesigning familiar concepts, we ensure our solutions are as cost-effective, robust and reliable as can be. They do exactly what they need to do with minimal downtime. However, thanks to our modular, integrated approach, components and complete packaging lines can meet any requirement and changed to suit your needs - without sacrificing simplicity!

Simplicity is also peace of mind

  • Hardware and software are easy to work with.
  • Operator training is minimal. Changing rolls and formats, cleaning, maintenance, and adding new options are fast and easy.
  • Technical training and maintenance are also minimal, using only a few (non-specialist) tools and widely available standard parts.
  • Modular construction means modules can be changed quickly, minimizing downtime.

Animation of modular design CP 350

We're always happy to advise you or help you find the most efficient and affordable solution to your packaging challenges. Get in touch today - without obligations - to ask any questions you may have!