Weighers and filling systems

Complete accuracy and simplicity

We offer ergonomic solutions for high-accuracy, high-speed weighing and filling applications. Not only are these perfectly integrated with our own machines, but easy to add to existing systems. Whatever you need to package - food or non-food, granular or liquid, light and fragile or heavy and solid - we make sure it's weighed or filled reliably, accurately and safely.

Combimat Series

The Combimat weigher series is a line of robust, easy to clean and assemble, multi-head combination weighers, available in 10 and 14-head versions. FIND OUT MORE >

Galaxy Series

The unique construction of the Galaxy series machines allows users to weigh fish, meat and other food and non-food products, including free flowing products as powders or granulates, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical products. | CHECK OUT NOW >

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