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We, GKS Packaging, thank you for your interest in our website. For us, the protection of personal data is a major and important issue. For this reason, we would like to provide you with comprehensive information as to which data is collected and in what way we process or use the data. For that reason we process ,use and protect the collected data very carefully. All processing procedures are based on the new privacy act, the GDPR (AVG).


In this privacy statement we will inform you about our privacy- and cookie policy. For further questions or information please contact GKS Packaging b.v. on +31(0)40 2095 040 or


Access to your data at GKS Packaging b.v. is limited to those persons who, by reason of their duties or obligations , need to be acquainted with such information or to handle it, such as the management. This access is subjected to a need to know principle. This means that the access to the data by the mentioned persons is limited to what is necessary to exercise their tasks or functions.


Purposes of the data processing (what we collect and how we use it):
The implementation of contracts

Your personal data will be processed by GKS Packaging b.v. for the purpose of entering into and implementing contracts and for the management of the relationships resulting out of it, including corresponding marketing activities. For this reason we process your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, company name, any possible relevant financial or fiscal data, and the associated correspondence.


We process this data because we need them for the performance and completion of the contract. We will store your data only for the time necessary for performing our contracts and services. After this period of time the data will be deleted, unless we are obliged by law to store the data for a longer time.


Click behavior and visiting data (optional)
If you use our website general visitor data is recorded. These are data concerning the IP address of your computer, the date of the request and data sent by your browser. We only use these data for statistical analysis of visit and click behavior on the website. Furthermore in doing so we optimize the functioning of the website. We try to keep this data as anonymous as possible and this data will not be shared with third parties who could use this data for their own purposes.


We use this data because of a legitimate interest to monitor and improve our website. Anonymized data (which contains no personal data) will only be stored for as long as is relevant for the purposes for which it was collected.


By visiting our website cookies can be installed on your computer for various reasons. These cookies can be functional or analytical and some cookies track your surfing behavior. For that reason this latter type of cookie requires your explicit consent. By placing these cookies personal data will be processed, like an IP address. See for more information our Cookie Statement in which we explain how we use them, for what purpose and how to delete them.


Completing your order
If you place an order with us we use your personal data to fulfill our obligations in a proper and regular manner. This data may be communicated to a delivery service so that the order can be delivered at your address. We also receive information about your payment from your bank or credit card company.


For this reason we use your name and address data, telephone number, billing address, e-mail address, payment details and date of birth. This data allows us to perform the contract with you. We will save this data until the order is completed and seven years thereafter (this is the statuary period of keeping data). This data will not be shared with third parties. Very rarely, we are forced to retain data ten years or more, for example by a subsequent delivery of earlier delivered products or to optimize our services.


Contact- or registration form (optional)
For questions, remarks or requests about our company or our service you can use the contact- or registration form on our website. For this reason we use your name and address, telephone number and e-mail address. If you pay online we use the payment data that we receive from your payment provider. The basis of justification regarding the use of your data is our contract. We keep your personal data only as long as we are sure you are satisfied with our response. In case of a placed order or assignment we will keep the data until the order is completed and seven years thereafter (this is the statuary period of keeping data).


Newsletter (optional)
You can subscribe to our newsletter here. For this reason you will receive monthly/on a regular basis an e-mail containing information, news and developments concerning GKS Packaging b.v. and will you be kept informed of our products, services and special offers. You can cancel your subscription to the newsletter at any time. Every newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe.


Your e-mail address will only be added to our list of subscribers with your explicit consent. We retain your data until you cancel your subscription.


Provision to third parties
In no event we will provide your personal data to other companies or institutions, unless this is necessary for our services or when we are legally required to do so (for example if the police demands disclosure where there is suspicion of a crime). We will notify you beforehand which third parties will receive your data.


Social media buttons
Our website contains buttons to promote pages or to share these on social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin. These buttons are realized by code provided by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin If you click these buttons they will become active. You can read the privacy statements of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin (which can change regularly) to see what they will do with your personal data by processing the code.


We have appropriate security measures to prevent misuse of personal data and unauthorized access. We ensure that only authorized persons have access to the data, access to personal data is blocked and that safety restrictions are monitored and evaluated on a regular basis. We take amongst others the following security measures:


We have appropriate security measures to prevent misuse of personal data and unauthorized access. We ensure that only authorized persons have access to the data, access to personal data is blocked and that safety restrictions are monitored and evaluated on a regular basis. We take amongst others the following security measures:


  • logical access control on our laptops and systems, using passwords;
  • we provide suitable security for physical access to our systems and locations;
  • encryption of digital files;
  • organizational measures for access security;
  • security of network connections by means of Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology;
  • purpose bound access restrictions and data storage within the EU.


Where possible we intend to operate digital; old documents are collected and put into the shredder and digital documents are well protected.


Complaints-Data Protection Supervisory Authority
And of course we are there to help you if you have any complaints concerning the processing of personal data. You are entitled to file a complaint at the Data Protection Supervisory Authority on the basis of privacy law against our processing of your personal data. You can contact the Data Protection Supervisory Authority:


Changes in this Privacy- and cookie statement
GKS Packaging b.v. reserves the right to make changes in this Privacy- and cookie statement. Changes will be published on this website. Therefor we advise you to regularly check this Privacy- and cookie statement in order to keep yourself apprised of any changes.


Rights of access, rectification and objection
If you have a relationship with GKS Packaging b.v. you have the option, after written application, to view your personal data. If the provided overview contains inaccuracies, you may request us in writing to change or remove the data. If you have any questions or want to know what personal data we have from you, you can contact us. See the contact details below.


Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR or AVG) you have the following rights: the right to be informed;


  • each person affected by the processing of personal data has the right to know what data we have and what we do with it;
  • access to the exact personal data we have from you;
  • right to rectification; you can demand immediate correction of incorrect data;
  • the right to erasure of illegally processed or obsolete data;
  • the right to withdraw consent;
  • the right to object against a particular use.


If you wish to exercise your rights, please make sure that you clearly indicate who you are in order to avoid rectification or erasure of data regarding other persons.


Additionally you can notify us in writing if you do not wish to receive information about our products and services. You can report this to the following address:


GKS Packaging b.v.
Steenoven 18
5626 DK Eindhoven
The Netherlands
+31(0)40 2095 040

This Privacy- and cookie statement was last modified on the 11th of September 2019.