Packaging machines

The ultimate in modular flexibility, efficiency and ease of use

GKS delivers customized packaging machines as well as complete packaging lines. Components and systems are designed and built in-house, so that we can provide quality customer-specific solutions – without introducing unnecessary cost and complexity. Our stainless steel machines are designed for real-life industrial environments. They match a small footprint to minimal height and are hygienic as well as easy to clean.

GKS machines work with a wide variety of weighing and dosing systems, and are also suitable for manual filling. Need to introduce a new machine or add capacity or functionality to an existing packaging line? You'll be up and running before you know it.


The MINI is the ideal solution for medium to high capacity packaging applications using relatively small bag sizes. It is also deal for processes in which a very compact form factor is essential, such as hand sorting and packaging samples or composite products such as nuts and bolts. MORE INFO >

EP 250

As versatile as it is compact, the modular EP 250 is ideal for retailers who regularly need to package a variety of small series. The EP250 is a stripped down, highly compact machine that offers all of the basic options needed for lower volumes, with no unnecessary extras. | VIEW MORE >

CP series

The CP series is based on the new GKS machine platform, which offers modular construction, open structures, ergonomic design, minimal downtime and low maintenance costs. The fully stainless steel machines are partly servo-driven, and feature components from leading suppliers. Modules can be swapped out in minutes. | SHOW ME >

UP series

The UP series handles a large range of packaging sizes and volumes. It does exactly what it needs to, without complexity and at a low cost. Modular design means individual function groups can be swapped out quickly and with minimal downtime, allowing machines or complete packaging lines to perform many different functions. | SEE MORE >

Flow series

The FLOW series combines unique hygienic design, fully stainless steel construction without aluminum parts, high packaging speeds and user-friendly control. The FLOW is specially designed for medium to high capacity packing requirements. | SHOW NOW >


LEAF is specifically developed to produce paper bags out of 100% recyclable and compostable paper mono material. LEAF has a revolutionary design and is constructed out of stainless steel and other recyclable materials. | SHOW MORE >

UP 650

This completely self-contained vertical, form, fill and seal machine distinguishes itself from other bulk packaging machines through its fundamentally smaller dimensions. The self-supportive system is perfect for production processes in which bulk volume bags are created - without compromising on flexibility! | SHOW MORE >

NP 350

The stainless steel NP 350 features a user-friendly interface and has been specially designed for net-packaging with a handle. Its features a touch screen for simple operation and control and can be washed down completely on the outside and inside of the frame. | SHOW ME >


The BRIC bag machine is specially designed to create brick shaped bags. It has an hygienic open design with plug and play exchangeable function modules. Fits on the most VFFS-machines | MORE INFO>

We're always happy to advise you or help you find the most efficient and affordable solution to your packaging challenges. Get in touch today - without obligations - to ask any questions you may have!